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He founded Festum Teatro, together with John Velasco, within the framework of a research seedbed at the Faculty of Arts of the District University of Bogotá. He began his experience as a community worker by giving theatrical initiation workshops to children in vulnerable conditions in his hometown.



Creation and premiere of his first play: Carnaval Characters, which premieres at the Corporación Colombiana de Teatro, in Bogotá.



They are invited to carry out an artistic residency at the Odin Teatret facilities during the months of July to September, in which they begin theoretical-practical research in acting anthropology. During their stay in Denmark they began to create their next production, called "Te Duele?".



They travel to Ecuador to present their work in progress in different theaters in the city of Quito, and at the Uniendo Pueblos International Theater Festival, which takes place in the city of Milagro. In agreement with the mayor of Quito and Cumandá Park, they carry out community construction workshops through the arts for elderly women. They give acting training workshops to different theater groups and to students of the faculty of arts of the Central University of Ecuador. They return to Denmark to finish the process of creating their latest montage. On October 04 they premiere "Te Duele?" at the Odin Teatret facilities. They participate in different projects in co-production with Ikarus Stage Arts, in centers for the elderly, care homes for women, schools and asylum centers for war refugees.



Presentation of Te Hurt? at the Hispano-American Actoral Society in Miami USA; in the first Festival of the Nordisk Teatret Laboratorium in Holstebro Denmark, then they continue their artistic residency at the Cohabitation Festival, (March-April), and participate in different productions directed by Eugenio Barba within the framework of the Centauro Village Festival; (May). In September they begin an international tour that has visited the cities of Providence and New York in the USA, Cartagena, Montería and Bogotá in Colombia.


At the end of this year, after a pause due to the global crisis generated by the pandemic, they traveled to Denmark to investigate the creation of their second work, also directed by Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso.


They return to the United States to manage the reopening of the now Artiste Village, and its connection with the Hispanic community of Rhode Island. They also began the project to create a theatrical work under the direction of Elvis Ruiz.

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