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Grand Reopening

On Saturday May 1, 2021 we had the reopening of the Village Theater. After spending a year with the doors closed due to the crisis generated by the pandemic, we met with the people closest to our space, those who have always been with us since its inception in 2019.

We wanted to hold an exclusive event for old friends from the theater, who with their unconditional support have made this dream possible.

We wanted to have an entertaining and fun meeting, people did not know our remodeled space, so we wanted to invite them so that they could participate in the opening of the Village Bar and Café, as well as the opening of our Village Cocktail. Then we had a nice time playing Village Bingo, in which some of the participants received courtesy tickets for our International Festival of Hispano-American Theater of Rhode Island.

Thank you very much to all those who with their support invite us to continue dreaming.

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