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Works presented at our first festival

Year 2019

living off the land. [Tamaño original].p
It hurts?
Festum Theater. Colombia, Denmark.

Direction: Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso.

Cast: John Velasco and Yessica Alvarado.

The work is a window open to the intimacy of a newly married couple, but the public must observe with caution, because unexpectedly that window can become a mirror and the house a boxing ring.

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The Dance in the Twilight.
Absurd dressing room. Rhode Island.

Direction: Miguel Herrera Correa.

Cast: Nicolás González and Varsobia Gallego.

A garbage dump in any city. A garbage dump where organized chaos exists, inhabits Cuco, an accountant by profession, mistreated by life and its tradition. Manuela, a woman who owns a cabaret, a dreamer, who, from being a dancer, fell into the networks of heartbreak.

Tribal Theater.
I don't give a damn. Rhode Island.

Direction: Elvys Ruiz.

Cast: Marleny Luna and Maritza Martell.

Adaptation of the play La Madre Pasota by the playwright Dario Fo and Franca Rame.

A mother who has dedicated her life to raising her son but now, “thanks” to him, has achieved her freedom after having known the “rebellious” world to which, unintentionally, her son guided her.

Kill a Man.
ECO Theater. New York.

Direction: Jorge Núñez Pascual.

Cast: Jorge Núñez Pascual and Ingrid Pérez.


Killing a Man is a work by the Cuban journalist, narrator, poet and playwright Miguel Terry Valdespino.

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